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The world’s first medical-grade home-monitoring solution for hypothyroidism


Hypothyroidism and the lack of patient-focused monitoring tools 

Chronic hypothyroidism affects more than 250 million people globally. Today, patients are required to make frequent visits to the hospital for blood-tests to monitor their condition and regulate medication to maintain a healthy and productive life. This approach to disease mangement poses significant health challenges for patients.

Better regulation of medication is key to improved care


Meet ThyroidSense

HEI ThyroidSense enables patients to monitor their condition in real-time from the comfort of their home and receive remote care

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Steen Bonnema

 Odense University Hospital Professor in Endocrinology, Southern University of Denmark

”15-20% of patients continue to experience low quality-of-life despite medication. Today, we can do very little to help these patients. With a patient-empowerment solution new dimensions can be added to help patients master their condition. [...] 90-95% of patients with hypothyroidism have the capabilities to adjust and optimize medication from their home should a medical-grade monitoring device be available."

Bente Julie Lasserre

Deputy Chairman of Danish Thyroid Association 

& patient

“Improvements in medical practices that can help catch patients earlier is highly valuable as this increases likelihood for getting back to a living a normal life with the condition. [...] The ability to measure TSH, monitor symptoms and wellbeing, and having a digital assistant to help adhere to medication plans, diet, exercise etc. is highly valuable for patients."


Marina Tarasova.png

Marina Tarasova

COO of Paloma, Leading Thyroid Telemedicine Company (US)

“Our patients would highly appreciate an easy and quick way to monitor their thyroid hormone levels to stay on top of their care. [...] Being able to see test results instantly, while the patient is in the office or in a telehealth interaction could significantly improve the patient and doctor experience."



We are an experienced team of scientific, clinical, and commercial profiles working hard on our mission to make it easy for patients with hypothyroidism to master their condition to live a healthy and productive life. Feel free to reach out to the team with input and collaboration opportunities. 

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